Digital Licences

Never lose your driver’s licence again with a prototype for digital licences coming into form this year.

This digital service will allow UK motorists to view a digital ‘representation’ of their licences on their smartphones and tablets. It is important to stress that this is not a legitimate replacement for your plastic licence, however, it can be useful with the current progression of technology use in daily life.

Motorists can expect this to come to fruition at some time this year, with last year’s estimations coming in at Spring 2018. According to the DVLA, the system is now in testing and development stages, meaning that we could expect to see the first versions of this any time within the next few months.

The purpose of this new system is to provide a quick, easy and secure representation that allows motorists to share and validate their information with ‘trusted’ third parties. For iPhone users, this would be a great feature for the Wallet app. Using the licence as a kind of pass within the user’s phone. This is a great way to store documents such as boarding passes and event tickets, and now even a visual representation of your valid driver’s licence.

As mentioned, it is important to remember that this digital service would not replace the full, legitimate driving licence. Also, the digital licence will only be available to those who have authenticated themselves and their official driver’s licence on – a service that is available 24/7 for any motorist with internet connection.

We are excited to see how this looks and when this will really take off. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest news from DVLA and also, if you have any questions about driving and lessons, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page! We would be delighted to answer any of your queries today!