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Driving Lesson Terms & Conditions

By submitting an inquiry and making a booking for driving lessons via the Arrow Driving Academy website, phone through our Head Office Call Centre, or by any other means, you are acknowledging your comprehension of and agreement to the Terms and Conditions pertaining to the provision of driving lessons with your designated Arrow Driving Academy Driving Instructor.

It is essential for all pupils to be aware that Arrow Driving Academy’s Instructors function as independent franchisees of the company. They autonomously determine the pricing for their lessons based on the rates set by Arrow Driving Academy in accordance with their agreement as a franchisee.

Please note that any payments made directly to the Instructor by the pupil are not remitted to Arrow Driving Academy and, consequently, Arrow Driving Academy is not responsible for them.

To be eligible for driving lessons as per UK law, pupils must be aged 17 years or above.

Pupils are required to validate possession of a valid driving license to operate Arrow Driving Academy’s tuition vehicles. In case of any endorsements on the driving license during the tuition period, pupils must promptly inform their Instructor.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is mandatory for pupils to cancel a driving lesson. If this notice period is not adhered to, the pupil will be liable for the full driving lesson fee.

Payment for each instructional lesson should be rendered to the instructor prior to the commencement of the lesson(s).

Arrow Driving Academy and its Instructors retain the prerogative to modify the hourly lesson rate for new bookings. Instructors are advised to provide reasonable prior notice to pupils regarding any changes.

The duration of driving lessons should be pre-agreed upon by pupils and their Instructors. In the event of any interruption outside the Instructor’s control, any remaining time will be added to a subsequent lesson. Pupils are responsible for recording this in their pupil handbook or another written medium.

Instructors have the right to reschedule lessons at short notice in the event of mechanical issues or other unforeseen difficulties.

Before initiating driving lessons, pupils must pass the DVSA eyesight check. Failure of this assessment mandates instructors to cancel lessons.

Instructors are empowered to decline conducting a lesson if they suspect a pupil is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Instructors will endeavor to impart correct driving skills based on the DVSA syllabus in the minimum number of required lessons.

Pupils should understand that the primary objective of their Instructor is to promote road safety, which may involve taking control of the vehicle. While every effort will be made to train pupils to a high standard, the Instructor cannot be held responsible for any errors made by pupils while driving unaccompanied by the Instructor.

The Instructor bears no liability for accidents, injuries, or damage to any third party caused by the pupil’s recklessness or negligence during a lesson.

Arrangement of driving tests requires mutual agreement between the Instructor and the pupil.

Pupils are responsible for making a payment to their Arrow Driving Academy Instructor for the use of the tuition vehicle and travel time to and from the test center. Payment for the practical driving test itself is made directly to the DVSA and does not include the use of a tuition vehicle.

Complaints should be handled following the guidelines outlined in the ADI Code of Practice.

With the pupil’s consent, the Instructor may capture photographs or videos of the pupil after their Driving Test and request a Customer Review. Review requests will be sent via SMS or email by the Instructor, Arrow Driving Academy, or Third-Party Review companies such as TrustPilot.

These Terms and Conditions do not supersede any statutory rights you possess as a consumer.

Arrow Driving Academy reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notification. In case of any modifications, the revised Terms and Conditions will be published on arrowdrivingacademy.co.uk

Refunds & Cancellations:

Block Bookings: In the event that you reserve a block of driving lessons and circumstances prevent you from completing them, then your instructor may be able to offer a credit note for the outstanding lessons. This would need to be agreed with them as your booking is directly with the instructor. Block bookings are not eligible for refunds unless no lesson hours have been utilised.

Intensive Courses: Upon enrolling in an intensive course with Arrow Driving Academy, should you opt to cancel prior to commencing any lessons, a 50% deduction from the course payment will apply unless a minimum of four weeks’ notice has been provided at which time this will be reduced to a full refund less a £200 booking charge.

Your instructor allocates time in their schedule and undertakes extensive planning for intensive courses. It’s important to note that our driving instructors are self-employed franchisees, and the 50% deposit secures your lesson slots in the instructor’s schedule. In the scenario where you’ve initiated an intensive course and subsequently decide to cancel, any remaining hours you’ve pre-paid for will be forfeited.

Direct Payments to Your Driving Instructor

When making payments for driving lessons directly to your instructor, it’s essential to understand that all our driving instructors operate as independent franchisees. Any payments made directly to them will be retained by the instructor personally and will not be transferred to Arrow Driving Academy.

While we cannot assume responsibility for payments made directly to your instructor, we are committed to offering assistance when needed. In such situations, we recommend reaching out to your driving instructor first with your refund request. They should be in a position to process your refund on an individual basis inline with our terms.

Should your attempts to contact your instructor go unanswered or if a dispute or delay arises, please inform the Arrow Driving Academy Team. We will take steps to communicate with your instructor and either facilitate a swift refund arrangement or provide you with their reasoning for not issuing a refund.

Instructor Switch and Lesson Reallocation:

In the event that you wish to transition to a different driving instructor, the Arrow Driving Academy Customer Services Team will make every effort to facilitate this change, taking into account your transmission preference and location. If the initially assigned instructor from your booking is unable to accommodate your request, we will forward your details to another local instructor on your behalf if required.

If you’re considering switching instructors midway through a block booking, then unfortunately the cost of the lessons cannot be refunded once they started. Our team will reach out to you to discuss the reallocation options available.

Should you decide to change instructors after the lessons from your initial booking have already taken place, please note that payments directly made to your original instructor cannot be transferred. Nevertheless, we will make efforts to secure a new instructor for your ongoing lessons, necessitating upfront payment for the first lesson(s) with the new instructor.

If your driving instructor has departed from Arrow Driving Academy, we will have requested that they provide us with a list of their current pupils requiring a new instructor. Additionally, we ask departing instructors to inform us of any pending driving tests for these pupils. Once our Customer Services Team receives this list, we will reach out to each pupil, prioritising those with scheduled tests, to assist in arranging alternative instructors.

It’s important to note that Arrow Driving Academy cannot guarantee the immediate availability of a new instructor for a pupil under any circumstance.


All complaints should in the first instance, be in writing and emailed to Paul Davies at info@arrowfleetdriving.co.uk

When we receive a complaint, we record all the information you have given to us. We use that information to resolve your complaint. If your complaint reasonably requires us to contact some other person, we may decide to give to that other person some of the information contained in your complaint. We do this as infrequently as possible, but it is a matter for our sole discretion as to whether we do give information, and if we do, what that information is.

Professional Conduct:

Ensuring a secure and conducive environment for all our employees, franchisees, and pupils is a fundamental commitment we uphold. We are dedicated to fostering a space free from any form of inappropriate conduct, harassment, or any verbal and physical misbehavior.

Our unwavering dedication to cultivating a secure atmosphere, especially concerning pupils engaged in lessons with our franchisees, is reinforced by the following stringent protocols:

All our franchisees are subjected to a comprehensive police DBS check as a prerequisite for becoming a franchisee of Arrow Driving Academy Ltd. This ensures a lack of criminal convictions before they affiliate with us.
It is mandatory for all franchisees to promptly disclose any new or pending criminal or driving convictions to Arrow Driving Academy. Neglecting to do so could lead to an immediate termination of their franchise agreement.
Franchisees are obliged to report to Arrow Driving Academy any awareness of being the subject of allegations that might be construed as sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. This includes situations where allegations are made against the franchisee outside of their driving lesson responsibilities. Failure to communicate such instances could result in the swift termination of their franchise agreement.

In the event of a complaint, the complainant will be informed that Arrow Driving Academy Ltd will conduct a thorough investigation and may request any corroborative evidence substantiating the allegations. Depending on the evidence, Arrow Driving Academy Ltd might take direct action at this juncture.

Under all circumstances, the complainant will be advised to report the matter to both the DVSA and the police. We will fully cooperate with both agencies in their respective investigations. Should the police or the DVSA validate the complaint, immediate termination of the franchise agreement will be executed, with the outcome being conveyed to the appropriate authority. In cases where a complaint is substantiated, the concerned franchisee will be obligated to furnish Arrow Driving Academy with the names and contact details of all current pupils. This step allows Arrow Driving Academy to inform these pupils that the franchisee no longer represents or is affiliated with Arrow Driving Academy.

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