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Are You Prepared for the New ADI Standards Check?

Recent data reveals that 13% of ADI’s fall short of the new standards. Our in-depth analysis highlights the top five areas where instructors struggle to demonstrate proficiency:

  • Failure to adapt lesson plans to align with the pupil’s learning goals
  • Inadequate adjustment of teaching style to match the pupil’s learning preferences and current skill level
  • Insufficient encouragement for pupils to analyse problems and assume accountability for their learning
  • Lack of timely and relevant feedback during instructional sessions
  • Inadequate feedback provision to address potentially safety-critical incidents

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your teaching methods meet the evolving ADI standards.

When you have to take an ADI Standards Check Test

Previously, ADIs were required to undergo at least one standards check within each 4-year registration period. The timing of the next assessment was determined based on the date of the last standards check. However, the DVSA has implemented a novel approach to scheduling standards checks. Now, the agency relies on data derived from the driving tests completed by your pupils.

Indicators the DVSA Look at...

The DVSA looks at data for 4 indicators for the last 12 months on a rolling basis.

The DVSA examines data from the driving tests conducted by the pupils you accompanied, with your ADI badge prominently displayed in the vehicle windscreen. This data encompasses every driving test centre used by you.

At the onset of the driving test, the DVSA records your ADI number from your badge, establishing a direct link to you and the conducted test.

Over a rolling 12-month period, the DVSA scrutinises this data, focusing on:

  • The average number of driving faults per test
  • The average number of serious faults per test
  • The percentage of tests where the examiner intervened for public safety reasons
  • The overall pass rate

When the indicators will trigger a standards check

Each of the 4 indicators has a trigger point.

Indicator – Average number of driving faults per test | Trigger – 5 or greater

Indicator – Average number of serious faults per test | Trigger – 0.5 or greater

Indicator – Percentage of driving tests where the driving examiner had to take physical action | Trigger – 10% or higher

Indicator – Driving test pass rate | Trigger – 55% or lower

If you meet the threshold for three or more of the indicators, DVSA will send a letter requesting you to schedule a standards check. DVSA will prioritise providing assistance to ADIs who exceed the trigger points by the greatest margins initially. If you meet the threshold for fewer than three of the indicators, you are less likely to be requested to undergo a standards check. Nevertheless, you may still be asked to arrange a standards check within each four-year registration period.

ADI Standards Check Booking: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it’s time for your ADI standards check test, expect a formal invitation letter stating:

“You are now due your ADI Standards Check. Please book this online at www.gov.uk/book-driving-test within 14 days of this letter. To access this service, you will need a valid email address. You will not be allowed to cancel this appointment online. However, you will be allowed to change the date once. The ADI registrar can consider removing your name from the register if you fail to book a Standards Check within the given time or fail to attend a Standards Check.”

To book your ADI standards check test online, you’ll need your driving licence number and your ADI personal reference number.

If Prompted for a Standards Check

Should DVSA prompt you to book a standards check, you must comply. The assessment process remains unchanged.

Post-Standards Check Procedure

After your standards check, if you achieve a grade A or B, DVSA will continue to monitor the indicators. Failure to address three or more trigger points within 12 months could prompt another standards check.

Preparation Support

Before your ADI standards check, expect a call from a DVSA ADI examiner to arrange a 30-minute phone consultation, approximately 8 weeks prior. This session is optional but valuable, providing insights from your ‘ADI driver test analysis report’ to guide your preparation.

Refusal of Phone Appointment

Declining the phone appointment means forfeiting your ADI driver test analysis report. However, you’re still required to undergo the standards check.

During the Phone Appointment

In the scheduled call, the examiner discusses your ADI driver test analysis report, offers support resources, and outlines what to expect during the standards check. No technical training is provided during this conversation.

After the Standards Check

Following the standards check, the examiner offers feedback on your performance and provides a copy of the assessment form to highlight areas for improvement.

Obtaining Your ADI Driver Test Analysis Report

If not prompted for a standards check, you can request your report by emailing DVSA, although it may take several weeks due to prioritisation.

Purpose of Changes

DVSA implements these changes to bolster your ability to deliver top-tier training, fostering safe and competent learner drivers. Identifying ADIs supporting underprepared learners aids in maintaining high training standards.

More information about the DVSA ADI Standards Check Test...

Skills, knowledge and understanding required…

As an ADI you are responsible for the standards check lesson. You should make sure that you have sound knowledge of the area around your chosen driving test centre (DTC) so you can:

  • Plan the lesson
  • Give appropriate directions to your pupil during the standards check

The pupil that you choose to bring along to your check test can be at any level of ability, but they cannot be on the ADI register or have passed the ADI part 2 test.

New standards check grading

For each standard within the check test, there are 17 in total, you’ll receive a score from 0-3

3Keep up the good work
2Acceptable – there are clear areas of improvement
1Not acceptable – more work needed
0Completely unacceptable

You can see the standards check marking sheet here.Following completion of your standards check you’ll receive one of three grades as listed below.

  • A grade (85% or over) – an overall high standard of instruction
  • B grade (60% or over) – a sufficient level of competence
  • Fail (less than 60%) – an unsatisfactory performance

The scoring for the above grading is broken down as per the below grading

Total ScoreGradeDescription
0 to 30FailYour performance is unsatisfactory
31 to 42Grade BYou’ll be added to the register of ADIs or remain on it
43 to 51Grade AYou have shown a high standard of instruction and will be added to the register or remain on it

This simplified grading makes it easier for learner drivers to understand the skill of their instructor, allowing them to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing an instructor.

The DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) wants to keep working with the industry to help top grade instructors promote the higher level of competence that they’ve worked hard to achieve.

Want to see an example of the Check Test?

Follow this link for the document.

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