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Did you know that you can begin learning driving skills from the age of 14?

Young Drivers

Make an early start in your driving life….


Arrow Driving Academy not only provide driving lessons for pupils over 17 on the road, but we are now introducing under-17 off-road lessons. If you’re eager to start driving or are looking to build some confidence before your 17th birthday, this opportunity would be perfect for you.

Our insurance policy allows us to start teaching from the age of 14, should you wish to have an even earlier start. All under 17 lessons will be conducted off-road in a safe area, away from the stress of busy roads and traffic. They will be taught by one of our professional Advanced Driving Instructors (ADIs) for a cost-effective price. We have two types of off-road courses available for younger drivers;

  • One off lessons – gaining early experience in a safe environment for 60 minutes
  • Structured lessons – getting an early start to learn a multitude of driving techniques over time

Both of these available courses for under-17s aim to teach you the essential skills before taking to the roads. This will provide the pupil with a great advantage when starting their driving lessons at a later date. One-off lessons are available for those who wish to learn the basics. Put simply, the pupil will become aware of the controls they will find in a car. They will also learn how to make a car move and how to use all of the basic controls.


Young Driver Training Prices:

  • £50.00 for one hour
  • £75.00 for 1 hour and half
  • £185.00 for a celebration pack 3 hours for 3 students in a car

Experience is everything when it comes to passing your driving test…


Being a good driver comes with time, practice and experience. Therefore, gaining that extra practice and experience from a young age will be of untold benefit in the future. Driving will already be second nature to those who take on structured lessons. This means that it will take less time to learn the art of driving and you will be more likely to pass first time and at a rapid rate when turning 17.

Learning to drive from a young age is an ideal opportunity. However, safety must be ensured at all times which is why there are some rules in place when wanting to take under-17 driving lessons.

Young drivers must be at least 4 foot 11 inches tall. Their sight must also be efficient enough to read number plates from a distance of 20.5 metres.

Pupils can be picked up from home for their lessons, however, the travel time will be included in the allocated lesson time. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to drop the pupil off and pick them up again at the allocated off-road area. Parents, friends and relatives are welcome to stay and watch the lesson in progress if they wish.

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Advanced Driving Instructors (ADI's)

Approved Driving Instructors (or ADI) is a term used to demonstrate to the public that their driving instructor has been tested and registered by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). UK law requires driving instructors be qualified before they can charge for their services. All of our Yorkshire driving instructors are ADI’s


Driving Standards Agency

The Driving Standards Agency otherwise known as (DSA) promotes road safety in Great Britain by improving driving and motorcycling standards. It sets standards for education and training, as well as carrying out theory and practical driving and riding tests. We adhere to the highest standards set.


Theory Test Pro

Learning the skills to drive safely is only one part of learning to drive in Yorkshire. Of course, there is the all important Theory Test too – Here at Arrow Driving Academy we offer our customer access to a FREE online Theory Testing portal which will help you develop your skills ready for when you take your test.


Pass Plus Courses

Already passed your driving test? Yippee – at last, you have your independence! But wait, one of the downsides is the likely high cost of insurance for your new car. Well we can help with that – Click here to find out how Pass Plus can help save you money.

Flexible driving lessons to suit you!

Our driving instructors cover the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire regions and are available to suit your schedule! We all lead busy lives, but our team are 100% flexible to the needs of the customer.

Amazing Driving Lesson Packages Available

We have something for everyone! Whether you are a beginner looking to start your journey on our roads, or an experienced learner wanting to join us. Everyone is welcome!


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