The introduction of self-driving cars;
In the modern age, technology has achieved so much, including the introduction of self-driving cars. You have probably seen a handful of your favourite celebrities driving one of the new Tesla models, and desperately wanted to try it out for yourself. Young drivers probably find self-driving cars most appealing, with the thought of reduced insurance costs and easy driving. However, it is important to think about how self-driving cars will influence road safety and the future of the UK practical driving test.
What about learning to drive?
Chris Urmson, Google’s self-drive project director, believes that the increasing number of self-driving cars will have an untold benefit for road safety. He also claims that this will have a great impact on learning to drive, as it means that in the future, people may not have to learn at all!
Many people also believe that self-driving cars will become a normality in the future. However, we do not expect this to be happening any time soon. Some of the common arguments for the mass introduction of self-driving cars is to reduce road accidents, pollution and help the environment. Many also argue that autonomous cars have the ability to increase efficient road skills such as parking and manoeuvres.
It is also worth noting that not everybody believes that autonomous cars will be a good thing, with worries about driver safety and the future of driving skills and knowledge coming to the fore. It could also have a huge impact on driver training businesses, with the potential of them no longer being necessary at all, as people will know longer require a driving ‘skill’ to use their vehicles. Not to mention many other careers that will be deeply impacted by the change.
So, what do you think?
Would you like to see self-driving cars becoming more popular in the future? Or are you happy with being able to control your own vehicle? We think that this subject is extremely interesting and we look forward to seeing what the technology giants come up with next!
Safe driving,