The Highway Code made easier;
The Highway Code has now been made easier to use on GOV.UK. This means that The Highway Code web page on is easier to navigate, simpler to use and more efficient overall. Improvements have been made in order to help drivers stay up to date with the latest and basic driving rules.
Some of the changes that have been made include the ability to:
– search within the highway code alone, rather than the entire website
– quickly move between related rules and regulations
– follow links to the original laws that particular rules are based on
– print specific sections of the highway code without fuss
                                                                                        Keep up to date for life;
The Highway Code is an important tool when it comes to keeping up to date with any changes in the law. This means that it is useful not only for learners, but also for experienced drivers too. In the last year, some significant changes have been made in the UK regulations that drivers need to be aware of, this includes:
– lower drink and drug drive limits
– banning smoking in cars with passengers under 18 years of age
– increasing the speed allowance for lorries on single and dual carriageways
All of the latest updates are published on The Highway Code via Now the content has been improved, it is easier than ever to stay informed on all of the latest driving news.
The Highway Code incorporates vital information for everyone;
Drivers of all motor vehicles must have a good understanding of the Highway Code in order to be considered a good driver. Members of the public have the right to feel safe on the roads, which means acting considerate towards all other road users, including cyclists, horse riders, pedestrians and the elderly or disabled.
To build or refresh your existing knowledge of The Highway Code, please visit the new and improved to learn everything you need to know about driving safely in the UK.