Learner drivers will be allowed on motorways from 2018!

The latest news from Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, tells us that learner drivers will officially be allowed to drive on motorways during their lessons, from 2018. This new guideline has been introduced in an attempt to improve road safety and ensure learners get the ‘real on-road experience’ before passing their tests.

Until now, driving students have been forbidden from driving on the motorway, until they pass their test. It is therefore no surprise that this is not a new discussion; motorists have been calling for this change for many years. It is argued that learner drivers should have this opportunity, to tackle the lack of experience young drivers have, and reduce the risk of accidents on UK motorways.

Are there any guidelines?

Of course, with every new law comes new guidelines and limitations. In order to keep this new addition to learning to drive as safe as possible, learner drivers can only access motorways in a dual-control car, with an approved driving instructor. It is crucial that this part of the law is understood, and followed, as to not create even more risk than before.

This new law is being created in a bid to increase driving experience, the lack of which is a key factor in crash statistics involving young drivers. It is important that all aspects of these changes are considered when learning to drive.

As a driving academy ourselves, we are looking forward to these exciting, upcoming changes to learning to drive. We truly believe this will benefit our driving students and will be considering the highest levels of safety when making changes to how we work.

We hope you will join us for the ride!