Reasons why you may fail your MOT;
Here at Arrow we understand the frustration you may feel when you fail your MOT. This is why we decided that it could be a great idea to outline common reasons for failing, and ways to help you avoid failing the MOT test. This not only helps to keep your car in check, but it also saves you a ton of money.
According to the DVSA, around 40% of cars fail their first MOT test. Some of the most common reasons for this is simply due to the owner not keeping check of how their car is working, and what needs to be improved. In order to avoid failing the MOT, simply start by checking the following;
– Tyres – it is important to check your tyre pressure and the overall condition on a regular basis. Approximately 10% of faults found during an MOT are related to tyre problems.
– Lights – always check your lightbulbs are functioning correctly, this is perhaps the most common fault found during MOT.
– Brakes – always check that your brakes are fully functioning before setting off.
– Mirrors – always ensure that your road view is as it should be.
How do I check these properly?
Checking your tyres, lights and mirrors is not a difficult task. In fact, anyone is able to carry out these effective checks quickly and without fuss. Here is some simple advice on how to do this correctly in order to minimise your chances of failing an MOT;
– Checking your tyres
o Use a tread depth gauge to check your tyre tread
o The minimum tread for a car should be 1.6mm
o It is also useful to check the tyre pressure
o Ensure that all tyres are the same size
o Check that tyres are not damaged – no cuts or bumps

– Checking your lights
o Check that your lightbulbs are fully functioning
o You can do this by simply tapping them lightly
o This will show whether they are loose or broken
o Always ensure the colour of your bulbs are correct
o Your car handbook will tell you which bulbs you need
o If you are unsure, garages will often change them for a low cost or even for free

– Check your brakes
o Checking your brakes is simple, and can be carried out daily when you get in your car
o Strange noises when braking are a clear indicator of a problem
o If this occurs, or you feel the car pulling to one side, you should contact a garage as soon as possible
o Also ensure that you regularly check brake fluid levels, keep it topped up to the line

– Check drivers view
o Ensure windscreen wipers and washers work properly and the fluid is topped up
o Do not use any stickers or air fresheners in your car that can impair your view of the road
o Windscreen wipers should be replaced annually
o Any chips in the windscreen itself must be fixed immediately
o Ensure that all mirrors are in good condition and adjustable to your requirements
Staying safe on the roads;
MOT tests are extremely important, and sometimes paying for repairs is just a part of life. Checking your car regularly is a great way to avoid any unnecessary costs and keep your car in great condition, however, some problems need to be fixed by a professional. If you ever feel that something isn’t working properly, or that your car needs maintenance, do not hesitate to seek professional help rather than waiting for your MOT check.
The MOT check itself may be a legal requirement, but it is not the same as having your car fully serviced. This is because MOT checks simply go over everything that needs to be safe in order to meet legal requirements, it does not check the mechanical condition overall. This is because the MOT test does not include checking of the engine, clutch or gearbox. If you suspect you are having problems with any such elements of your vehicle, we recommend that you contact your local garage as soon as possible, in order to ensure your car is fully functioning and minimise the change of an accident.
Always remember that it is your responsibility as a driver to ensure that your vehicle remains safe and works to the highest standard. If you require any advice or information, we would be happy to help. Give us a call on 0800 011 9695. We hope you enjoy your driving freedom and ultimately, stay safe on the roads!

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