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Driving Lessons in Hull

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Driving lessons Hull

Arrow Driving Academy provides driving lessons in Hull. We offer the smart choice for any student looking to undertake driving lessons in the hull area. With over eight years experience Arrow Driving Academy really are one of the premier driving schools in Hull. All of our vehicles are new, safe and student friendly, offering the right balance of accessibility with the features that many students and instructors appreciate (air conditioning for one!) with smaller engines that offer the eco friendly driving approach. With fuel-efficient cars it is much easier for Arrow to pass on savings to students and keep our rates extremely competitive. Driving lessons in Hull are always varied and we have the experience to get you driving as soon as is possible. We also offer the choice of male or female driving instructors in Hull.

Well it has been a very busy week again, managing new students alongside established students keeps this job very fresh. The feeling of knowing we have helped a student pass their driving test is always fantastic. It is great to know we have helped someone secure a valuable life skill, which will stay with him or her. The ability to drive a vehicle is a wonderful skill to have; from socialising to work it is a massive benefit. Keeping in mind our approach to instructing, which is to always approach our lessons with ‘safe driving for life’ as our motivator’ we are very proud of our achievements as a driving school. We have also expanded to cater for other areas which has been brilliant and keeps things challenging, just as we like it.

Following on from some chats we have had this week with our students we have found some interesting reading and tips which we think is good advice. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has some interesting reading on safe driving for life and recently it has published an article on ‘Tailgating’ for anyone unfamiliar with this term it is simply when you drive too close to the driver in front. According to the research carried out by the road safety charity Brake and Direct Line up to 95% of drivers have at been concerned about other drivers driving to close to the back of their vehicles. It is an obviously dangerous maneuverer and needlessly causes accidents. Around 14% of road casualties are caused by tailgating. An easy way to ensure you yourself do not tailgate is to follow the two-second rule. Essentially the two-second rule is designed so that you stay a safe stopping distance away from the vehicle in front. To ensure you are following the two-second rule is simple. When the vehicle in front passes a fixed point, a sign or lamppost for example, count two seconds and as long as you do not pass the same fixed point before you finish you are OK (note this is for driving in clear and dry conditions, in wet conditions this should be doubled at least and in icy conditions it should increase further) The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends that As the car in front passes a fixed point, such as a sign or a bridge, start to say ‘only a fool breaks the 2-second rule’ at a normal rate as it takes around 2 seconds to say. For more info on this the article can be found here it is very informative and well worth a read, it also has an explanation video at the bottom. We particularly like the advice to say ‘only a fool breaks the 2-second rule’ as it seems more accurate then simply counting and serves as a good reminder!!

Well that’s it for this week, hope you are having a fantastic bank holiday weekend and stay safe on the roads.


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Arrow Driving Academy – First for Driving Lessons across Hull, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.

We Have Some Great Deals Available For New And In-Experienced Drivers.

We love teaching people to drive! Regardless of ability, our team will help you succeed! Perhaps you have zero experience at all – then don’t worry, we can help give you the confidence to start! To help you on your way we have a special great value package that will help you set the wheels in motion.

If you are an experienced driver perhaps trained elsewhere but just cannot seem to pass? Well come with Arrow and we’ll help evaluate how ready you are and tailor a bespoke course to get you through it.


Great value packages from your LOCAL, TRUSTED instructors

No matter whether you are a totally new driver, or a partly experienced driver who has had lessons elsewhere and wish to change instructor – We can help!

Complete Beginner

For people that have had no Driving Tuition at all. A Complete Newbie.

Partly Trained

Had lessons elsewhere and unhappy with progress? Or perhaps new to the area?

Refresher Courses

For people lacking confidence on the road and perhaps would like a little more guidance.

Driving you in the RIGHT DIRECTION

We totally understand how daunting it can be for people who decide they want to learn to drive either for the first time, or with a new instructor if unhappy elsewhere so we have tailored a few packages that will help you start your new journey, and give you the opportunity to get to know us.


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5 Hours for £100
Amazing value package, FREE Highway Code, FREE Hazard Training, FREE Online Training


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Part Experienced Drivers

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  • It is important to know for sure that you have the right driving instructor. So this is a great way to try us out first - before committing to more lessons
Refresher Lessons
For experienced drivers, needing extra help

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  • Taken lessons elsewhere but not had any success? Whatever the reason
  • our refresher lessons will help you succeed!


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