Free driving theory test training in Hull

Along with driving lessons in Hull we offer free access to driving theory test training for each and every one of our students at Arrow Driving Academy. We take the on going training of our students very seriously and want our lessons to continue even when the student is at home. This is were the free driver theory test software comes in. All our students have access to this software and are given a unique log in. The software can be accessed from tablets, mobiles and laptops, it is very user friendly and can log results for future reference.

An excellent feature is the feedback feature. Your instructor is also able to track your progress whilst you progress through the theory test questions. This makes it very useful for identifying areas that students would benefit from more support in. The software is an excellent addition to our lessons and many of our students utilise the program alongside the free Highway Code we also give to each of our students.

Free Hazard Perception training in Hull and East Yorkshire

The software also contains the Hazard Perception element of the test that our students in Hull and the surrounding area can do. This is a series of videos each showing a different driving situation on a variety of roads. Each video clip shows a hazard and the student is required to click the mouse as soon as they notice the hazard. The hazard element makes a welcome break from answering the multi choice questions but it is also there to serve an important purpose. Namely to keep students aware of hazards and how quickly they can appear, it also notes how quickly the student reacts. The quicker the reaction the higher the score. Working on your theory with support from your driving instructor can reduce stress and keep you confident that you are taking the right approach at the right pace for you.

Free Highway Code in Hull and East Yorkshire

Working with our students at the right pace for them is a crucial element of our approach. By offering our students the free theory test training and the free Highway Code we feel that our students are able to continue learning at a pace that suits them. With everything they need to pass the theory and practical in one place we feel that the value that Arrow brings is in the all around support. If you are interested in taking driving lessons with Arrow Driving Academy then do not hesitate to get in touch. We are available on Facebook, Email, website contact form, Twitter and, of course, the phone so if you have any questions at all or would like to book a lesson then please get in touch.

Have a fantastic week and here’s hoping we get some more sun!