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Learning to Drive In Hull 1024 616 Paul Davies

Learning to Drive In Hull

Hull – A fantastic place to learn to drive

At Arrow we want you to be the best driver you can be. We offer some of the best value driving lessons in Hull and the surrounding area. Hull and the surrounding area offer some of the best roads for driving in the region. With the fast A63 (usually!) combing nicely with quieter residential roads, all of which are only minutes from each other. Hull is a fantastic place to learn to drive. Big enough for the wide variety we need and small enough to get many different road types in each lesson. The driving lessons in Hull and surrounding area that you take will always offer a new challenge, which we feel, is fantastic for the student. We have been chatting recently about how we feel new drivers are some of the most aware on the roads. I think it is a combination of recent training and the novelty (and excitement!) of being on the roads without an instructor or examiner.

Most people are aware that bad habits can and often do creep in to even the most switched on drivers techniques. We would always recommend refresher lessons at some point. This is often overlooked and because there is no immediate apparent value individuals can understandably not rush to pay for further training. I would always recommend at least a couple of refresher lessons every 3 or 4 years to keep you at your best and to reduce the impact of bad habits. After taking your driving lessons in Hull and passing your test, for new drivers we offer Pass Plus training, this is a fantastic tool that will really build a new drivers confidence on the motorways. Plus it is not a test! Which will be great news after the theory and practical you will have just had!

Onto the weather now! The rain we have had over the past couple of days has at times been torrential. Brilliant for an instructor as it raises dozens of driving points to discuss in real time. It is further value for the students too as it give them valuable weather experience that they may have missed. Students can go the full training schedule including exam and passing and not have any inclement weather. It has been a challenge over the last couple of days with the wind and rain causing further traffic for our students to deal with. But often is the case that we would happily take the short-term weather challenge for the long-term benefits it gives to our students.

That’s it for this week, we hope the that you have all had a great week and we look forward to the challenges the next week will bring. Take care and remember we are available to answer any questions on Facebook, via online contact phone, email, Twitter and of course the good old phone!

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Driving Lessons In Hull

Male or Female driving instructor choice in Yorkshire

Well we hope you are enjoying the bank holiday! We would like to use this blog to reiterate our commitment to providing our learner drivers with the option to choose a male or female driving instructor in Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Hornsea and any of the surrounding areas. This is an element of choice we feel strongly about. If our customers are not comfortable with their instructors then we are not doing our job right! So when initially contacting us please do not hesitate to let us know your preference. We want our students to be as relaxed as possible and this starts from the first call to final test pass. Our recent expansion in offering driving lessons in Beverley, driving lessons in Driffield and driving lessons in Hornsea is going from strength to strength and is giving us the opportunity to drive on roads we have not had the chance to for some time (though I have not missed some of the road works I have encountered!)

It has been a fantastic week for Arrow Driving Academy. We are a driving school in Hull committed to offering excellent value for money on driving lessons in Yorkshire. We approach each lesson with the intention of moving our students forward through the driving curriculum; we do not waste any of our student’s valuable time. If you know anyone at all outside of the Hull area who would like driving lessons and are on the lookout for a profession driving school with a proven record of customer satisfaction then please let us know. We also offer driving lessons in Beverley, Driffield driving lessons and also operate as a driving school in Hornsea. Our lessons are friendly and relaxed but we will push our students to achieve their potential! It has been fantastic recently and we are continuing to enjoy a high first time pass rate and consider ourselves to be an elite driving school in Hull.

We enjoy feedback from our customers at any stage of their journey with us and an important feedback tool we have is Facebook. You can find Arrows page right here:

We currently have a competition to win a £20 gift voucher so if you are interested come along and take a look!

Further good news this week is the government plans to reduce the cost of driving theory tests in the UK. Currently the test costs £31 but consultations going ahead right now aim at reducing the cost to £25 by October 2014 with a further £2 dropping off the cost from October 2015. This is a driving school in Hull, which believes in great value, and any cost saving for our customers is fantastic news. The Theory test can be a challenge for customers so a reduction in cost is great news for anyone unfortunate enough to have to resit. Though we aim to make sure our students are prepared for the theory element and ensure we give as much advice and guidance as possible (remember we are just a call away) it is inevitable that some tests require a resit, any saving on this a big plus in our eyes. More information can be found here;

Well that is all from us this week please keep in mind we offer male or female driving instructors in Yorkshire and have a great bank holiday weekend.



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Driving Instructors required in Yorkshire

Searching for a fantastic franchise or know someone who is?


Arrow Driving Academy in Hull is on the lookout for ADIs to join our fast growing driving school franchise in Yorkshire. We have recently posted our new ADI page, which can be found here:


ADI Page


This is a driving school franchise with a difference. We have cars on the road now and ADIs with full diaries. We have customers waiting for advanced driving instructors in Yorkshire at the moment so if you like what you see then please give us a call. At Arrow we take real pride in the service we offer, this is not just an empty marketing term for us. We are an expanding driving school in Hull that provides students with superb lessons at very competitive prices. Since the academy’s inception we have taken it upon ourselves to make every lesson valuable to the student and ourselves. We aim to constantly better ourselves as instructors.  If you choose Arrow to take a franchise with you will find us extremely supportive and helpful. We have been in your shoes and implicitly understand the difficulties and challenges faced when running your own ADI business.


In simple terms we aim to give you the best of both worlds. The choice to run your business how you want, to be your own boss with your own hours, but crucially, to be free from the burden of marketing and advertising costs. If you are an advanced driving instructor who likes simplicity, freedom and the choice to do what you do best then give us call or contact us on Facebook for a simple no obligation chat.


Taking out a driving franchise can be wonderfully liberating and can give you the freedom from the burdens of running your own driving school. For ADIs with experiences of taking out a franchise with the bigger schools we understand that the bigger schools drive for profit can sometimes leave you feeling stranded. With few customers and a franchise bill landing every few weeks. With Arrow you will not pay a penny until you have a minimum of 10 paying customers and we will stay as your point of contact throughout your career with us.  No call centres! And no franchise fee until you have a solid customer base. This is a fantastic opportunity we are a rapidly expanding driving school on the lookout for individuals to join us in the early stages.


Taking any big step is challenging but we want to assure you we are here to help you succeed in this. Our aim is to have our business thriving and that is only possible if we provide an excellent service to both our customers and ADIs. Are you ready to take the next step? Then why not take it with Arrow Driving Academy?


Driving school offers 1024 698 Paul Davies

Driving school offers

Driving School Hull – Extra special offer


Arrow is a driving school in Hull, which offers fantastic prices on lessons and has the extra special 5 driving lessons for £55 deal. We have recently expanded the areas we can offer driving lessons and this now includes, driving lessons in Beverley, driving lessons in Driffield and driving lessons in Hornsea. Not forgetting driving lessons in Hull of course!


Unsure about the next step? Would like to know more? Here is a little about our values as a driving school. With Arrow you can guarantee that as a student with us we will aim to build your ability to drive safety from the ground up. The driving tuition is very student focused, we like you to be driving as soon as possible and as much as possible. We cater for a very wide range of driver types so do not be put off if you are petrified of driving! The lessons are at your pace and we always have the utmost respect for and emphasis on road safety and safe driving for life. We will help you through your tests and get you on the road as a safe driver. That is our goal and what we work to achieve every day.  Keeping the focus on quality lessons will ultimately lead to lower costs for our students which is fantastic for us, success breeds success and we live our values every time we take a lesson


The services we offer are not just limited to just trainee drivers, we aid current drivers by offering refresher driving lessons in Hull and training for the advanced driving test that future driving instructors have to pass. The continuing learning element of driving is often over looked but can be an outstanding way to learn advanced techniques or to rebuild confidence behind the wheel.


We all know individuals who have past their tests but sometimes can suffer a lack of confidence or composure behind the wheel. Having refresher lessons is a path back to confidence. We have in the past, had students who have passed and a year or two later have returned for some refresher training. Even just one or two lessons can be enough to brush off the cobwebs and to shine a light on the areas that you are not 100% about.  It is a great way to bring clarity and calmness to your driving approach.


Well enough of all the driving focus, Easter is here and we hope you are all having a fantastic break and if you are work then we hope it is, at least, quieter than usual! Have a brilliant weekend and stay safe on the roads.



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Driving instructor in Hull

The joys and challenges  of being a Driving Instructor

After talking to friends and family over the years it seems to me that, at one time or another, most people feel the urge for a change in career or direction. I count myself as one of those people. Working full time for a company and taking my career as far as I could I had the urge to change and to become, essentially my own boss.  The idea of working my own hours and knowing all the energy and focus I put in to my current job could just as easily be applied to my own business really put wind in my sails. Looking back it seems that becoming an ADI was a natural step, but it was far from that! I knew I wanted a new career, to be my own boss but I was not sure what to do or even how to go about it.

When I first found out about ADI training and that it could fit around the work I don’t need to tell you how relieved I was. It seemed like a perfect fit, to be able to stay in my job whilst training for a new career. In truth, it was like that, though it was challenging it felt right. I would finish work and study for the theory test and once I had passed that it was time to be in the car with my trainer. It was challenging and rewarding but tiring at the same time! A full time job and training commitments sounds challenging and it is. Learning something new is a fantastic experience for me but I also needed time to reflect on what I had learned and how best to implement it. Though I could take the training at my own pace, my commitment to becoming an ADI was getting stronger and I had to tell myself to slow down and take the time to relax and reflect.  The training was fantastic though and it really brought home how varied the days are as an ADI and how many different skills sets I would have to master to become one.

In retrospect it is easy to see that it was a fantastic step for me to take and I am more passionate about being an ADI now than ever. I am not bored or restless at work like I once was and the part about me being my own boss is true, however, one area that I did not give much thought to was essentially you are working around students and that schedules change, lessons can be rearranged or cancelled or if you are ill you may be some days before you can be back in the car. Now I can take this in my stride, but for any budding ADI, at first this can be a stark realisation and can bring some worry with it!

For me though, I love teaching students how to drive I am still motivated by the job and taking a longer-term view I can’t see this changing.  We are on the lookout for ADI’s in Hull so why not contact us for an informal chat on what we can bring. Have a fantastic week and stay safe on those roads.


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Driving Lessons in Beverley

The charms of Hull and the surrounding area

Since starting up as Arrow Driving Academy I count myself very lucky be in and around this region. Hull and the surrounding area is, for many reasons, a genuinely fantastic place to be a driving instructor. In a purely physical sense the wide range of roads and environments we have to drive in is more than adequate. From the busy A63 to the quiet coastal roads it seems to me we are only minutes away from a new driving experience.  For students especially, this can be an excellent area to have lessons, each lesson can contain a diverse range of road types which all require different approaches.  Although the same can be said for other areas I have found in the bigger cities it takes much longer to get around and in the course of one lesson a student may only experience inner city driving, even if that was not the intention!

Beverley in particular is a delightful town to visit and the medieval feel the town still has really has to be experienced to be understood. Though difficult to get to in a one hour lesson for students in Hull, if I get the chance I do like to take students around the roads in Beverley, at first it can be intimidating but for quick decision making and pedestrian/traffic awareness training it really is fantastic. On top of being an attractive and charismatic town, Beverley possesses a charm unlike any other. Essentially it takes the best of York, distils it and combines it with an intriguing mix of the cosmopolitan and historic.

Beverley is not on its own in catching my eye but it is a standout destination and the fact it also offers challenging driving conditions only elevates it from an instructional point of view.

Well, that’s it from me this week, again it has been a fantastic week, busy but focused and with mothers day on Sunday I am greatly looking forward to the weekend.

Oh and don’t forget to change the clocks this weekend!


ADI’s required in Hull 1024 683 Paul Davies

ADI’s required in Hull

ADI’s required in Hull

Arrow Driving Academy is currently on the look out for ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors for anyone who is new to this!) and we can offer very competitive franchise rates. If you are a newly qualified ADI looking for a franchise in Hull or the surrounding area or, of course, if you are an experienced ADI and would like to know more then please contact us.

We very much appreciate the competitive nature of the industry and know only too well how difficult it can be to get a good solid customer base up and to keep it sustainable. Why not let us do the hard work for you? We can provide a competitive rates and more. We are very friendly, down to earth and approachable. If this sounds interesting to you or, indeed, if you know of any ADIs who are on the lookout for new opportunities then please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss the offer.

Well that’s the business end out of the way! We have Mothers Day coming up on the 30th of this month and whatever you do don’t forget to put the clocks forward next week! Especially if you are one of our students J!  So far this week has been very busy, just how we like it! And it looks like it will continue that way over the next week or so, with Easter coming up we are greatly looking forward to a break and some well-earned family time. Any time we get a break it always reminds me that this driving academy would not be here if it was not for the support of the students so with that in mind I would like to personally take this opportunity again to thank any of our former and current students for choosing Arrow Driving Academy and we wish the very best for the future.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Female Driver Hull
Female Driving Instructor Hull 849 565 Paul Davies

Female Driving Instructor Hull

Female Driving Instructor Hull – ADIs needed in Hull


With March now here the nights are getting lighter and with that we usually spot a couple of drivers each evening who forget to turn on the lights! Currently we are looking forward to treating our Mums on Mother’s Day at the end of the month and with Easter also coming a few days off will be very welcome! Another thing to look forward too is the clocks going forward at the end of the month. We are looking forward to the longer days of daylight. We enjoy teaching all year round as discussed in earlier blogs each season brings its own challenges and opportunities to teach. Personally I love teaching in any season but it is always welcome to see the sun out and longer hours of daylight seems to always cheer up students and instructors alike! If you want driving lessons in sunny old Hull then give us a call! But if you are little further out do not worry we also offer,


Driving Lessons in Beverley

Driving lessons in Driffield

Driving lessons in Hornsea

And any of the surrounding areas


Well, as mentioned before we now have a female driving instructor at Arrow Driving Academy so please let us know if you are interested in lessons and would prefer a female driving instructor. We will always aim to make this possible so get in touch and do not worry at all about letting us know your preference. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable from the start.


Also as discussed we are on the lookout for ADIs in Hull so if you are looking to join a forward thinking, hard working driving franchise in Hull then give us a call, email or get us on Facebook or Google+ and we will contact you at a suitable time to discuss things further. On the other hand, if you a friend or family member are interested in Driving Instructor training in Hull then please get in touch and we can discuss any training requirements you have and if you want to drive for us we offer a very competitively priced training program that you may be interested in.


Well that’s all this week, have a fantastic week and stay safe on those roads.



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Driving Lessons in Driffield

Driving Lessons in Driffield and surrounding area


We are now offering driving lessons in Driffield and the surrounding area and all new drivers can take advantage of the 5 for £55 offer that we run at Arrow Driving Academy. If you are looking for driving lessons in Driffield and surrounding area then please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us via email, contact form on our site or on Facebook.


January is well underway and as the holidays recede into the past we can start to look forward to springtime and lighter nights! Or is it too early for that! As experienced instructors we know how important it is for learner drivers to experience driving in the dark. It can be disorientating at first and it does take a period of adjustment, we find it beneficial for students to experience the widest possible conditions whilst learning and whilst we are on the subject here are some rules and techniques for drivers and riders from the DSA



Learning to drive at any time of year brings its own benefits and advantages; January is an excellent time to start to learn. Especially if you have your lessons after 4pm, the dark nights are an excellent place to start as this is an area some drivers can initially have difficulty with. Starting the fundamental lessons here will ensure you are comfortable and experienced with night driving.  As the nights get lighter too you will experience the transition of day to nights whilst on lesson and notice how many experienced drivers forget to switch on the lights! This is always a good talking point!


We hope 2014 has got off to a great start for you, take care and have a fantastic weekend.



Female driving instructor in hull 1024 683 Paul Davies

Female driving instructor in hull

Female driving instructor  – Arrow Driving Academy


Following on from a busy week, we are very pleased to announce Arrow Driving Academy now have a female driving instructor. If you are interested in taking your driving lessons with us and would prefer a female driving instructor then please do let us know.  The emphasis for Arrow Driving Academy is to ensure our pupils are comfortable and relaxed so that they can fully take in the information on the lesson and we feel that by offering the choice of instructor this can make that initial step a little easier to take.


As a Driving Academy we offer;

Driving lessons in East Yorkshire,

Driving lessons in Hull,

Driving lessons in Hornsea,

Driving lessons in Driffield,

Driving lesssons in Beverley,

And the surrounding areas.


We can offer the choice of male driving instructors or female driving instructors and we have our 5 lessons for £55 promotional offer. This promotional offer is for new students to the academy and please note that you do not have to be new to driving to take advantage of this offer, you simply have to be a new student with us. So if you have previous driving experience and want to get back into lessons then be aware that you are entitled to the offer so don’t be shy! Give us a call if you are interested.


We are a very approachable driving academy and as individuals we are warm, friendly and down to earth. It is very important to us that our students receive excellent tuition in an environment that they feel comfortable in and we aim to instruct using methods that promote safe driving for the long