Hull – A fantastic place to learn to drive

At Arrow we want you to be the best driver you can be. We offer some of the best value driving lessons in Hull and the surrounding area. Hull and the surrounding area offer some of the best roads for driving in the region. With the fast A63 (usually!) combing nicely with quieter residential roads, all of which are only minutes from each other. Hull is a fantastic place to learn to drive. Big enough for the wide variety we need and small enough to get many different road types in each lesson. The driving lessons in Hull and surrounding area that you take will always offer a new challenge, which we feel, is fantastic for the student. We have been chatting recently about how we feel new drivers are some of the most aware on the roads. I think it is a combination of recent training and the novelty (and excitement!) of being on the roads without an instructor or examiner.

Most people are aware that bad habits can and often do creep in to even the most switched on drivers techniques. We would always recommend refresher lessons at some point. This is often overlooked and because there is no immediate apparent value individuals can understandably not rush to pay for further training. I would always recommend at least a couple of refresher lessons every 3 or 4 years to keep you at your best and to reduce the impact of bad habits. After taking your driving lessons in Hull and passing your test, for new drivers we offer Pass Plus training, this is a fantastic tool that will really build a new drivers confidence on the motorways. Plus it is not a test! Which will be great news after the theory and practical you will have just had!

Onto the weather now! The rain we have had over the past couple of days has at times been torrential. Brilliant for an instructor as it raises dozens of driving points to discuss in real time. It is further value for the students too as it give them valuable weather experience that they may have missed. Students can go the full training schedule including exam and passing and not have any inclement weather. It has been a challenge over the last couple of days with the wind and rain causing further traffic for our students to deal with. But often is the case that we would happily take the short-term weather challenge for the long-term benefits it gives to our students.

That’s it for this week, we hope the that you have all had a great week and we look forward to the challenges the next week will bring. Take care and remember we are available to answer any questions on Facebook, via online contact phone, email, Twitter and of course the good old phone!