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Hull Driving Test Centre at Craven Park 1024 682 Paul Davies

Hull Driving Test Centre at Craven Park

Hull Driving Test Centre – now located at Craven Park



Hello everyone we hope you are having a fantastic week and enjoying the break in the weather we are having, or at least have had today! A little update for you and I don’t think Hull FC fans are going to be happy! The driving test center in Hull is for the time being located at Craven Park. This is going to make a little easier for Driving Instructors and Hull based students to get to and from the test center. We have not minded at all the test center being in Beverley as it has given us a good long run to calm pre test nerves for students who have been a little anxious about the test.  At the same time, we are happy it is back in Hull and hope it can stay in the area again for many years to come.



Driving Lessons in Beverley,

Driving lessons in Hornsea,

Driving lessons in Driffield,

Driving lessons in Aldborough,

And surrounding areas and, of course, driving lessons in Hull it has been a very busy month for us, working as a driving instructor has many benefits but is not without its challenges! Taking time out to write the blog is a welcome break in a busy day. We hope you have had chance to read our blog about becoming a driving instructor but for those who missed it, we are offering driving instructor training in Hull. Please contact us for details I am sure you will find us more than competitive and can offer you a chance to train to be a driving instructor with one on one training. We are exited about the future and if you know anyone at all who would be interested please ask them to contact us via phone.


Like many others we have been deeply saddened by the news of extensive flooding in many areas. Luckily we have escaped the worse of the weather in this area but having been in Hull when the floods hit in 2007 we can only offer our best wishes to those affected in these difficult times.


Take care and have a great week



Become A Driving Instructor 629 472 Paul Davies

Become A Driving Instructor

Become a Driving Instructor with Arrow Driving Academy


Wow, what a start it has been to the New Year, we have had some fantastic passes at the test centre, new students progressing well with lessons, varied weather and road closures to work around. Lessons have been diverse and challenging and so far the weather varied enough that our students have experienced different conditions on lesson. So all in all it has been a brilliant start.


Have you yourself ever considered becoming a driving instructor?  We are expanding and currently looking to offer training to individuals who are keen to become an approved driving instructor (ADI) themselves. We are very passionate about what we do and you will find us very approachable, friendly and down to earth. We are professional and hardworking and keep our lessons very student orientated and tailor each lesson to suit the individual. If you think this could be a career choice for you or even just have some questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.


To become a driving instructor in the UK you need to be able to answer yes to the following;

1. Are you over 21 years old?

2. Have you held a full car driving licence for at least 3 years?

3. You have not been disqualified from driving or have 6 or more penalty points on your driving licence?

4. You have not been prevented from driving for any reason?


If you can answer yes to these questions and are interested then why don’t you give us a ring or contact us via Facebook. What have you got to lose by asking?

The job of a driving instructor is varied, challenging and demands focus and the ability to read the road but ultimately this is something we love doing and we are pleased to be able to offer training not only for individuals who want to learn to drive but also to experienced drivers who are considering becoming driving instructors.



Take care and have a great weekend.



Eco Driving Hull 800 600 Paul Davies

Eco Driving Hull

Driving tests through the years,

Arrow Driving Academy offers competitive priced driving lessons in Hull and we are a professional, friendly, down to earth team that make learning to drive a positive, co-operative experience. I am aware from my own driver training that managing the daunting prospect of the theory and driving test can be a huge challenge for some students and it has got us considering the changes the test has gone through over the years. Students tend to worry about the tests and elements in the test such as how to eco drive, the independent driving section and the whole of the theory test! All of which are relatively recent additions to the test. The driving test has been around for more than 75 years now and though it has gone through some huge transformations at its core it is still about showing the examiner you have the ability to drive. No good instructor would put a student through the driving test if they were not sure they could pass. I have a feeling though it was a bit simpler when the test first came about!

The first test that was booked cost the equivalent of 37.5p!  The early tests had no test centres so students had to arrange to meet the examiner somewhere! It’s amazing really but it had to start somewhere.  The theory test (an area that some students have some worries over) did not come about until 1996 when it replaced the traditional Highway Code questions that would take place during the practical test. It seems strange to us now that there was no theory test prior to that; it is a crucial element to learning to drive safely. In 2003 the Show Me Tell Me element of the test was added. This is a short question and answer session prior to the start of the exam (We have a section which covers this on the Arrow Driving Academy site right here).

In 2008, an eco-safe assessment element was added to the test. Students who have parents that have taken them out driving during or prior to starting paid instruction often come away confused as parents who passed prior to 2008 may have not undergone eco-safe driving training and drive in a slightly different way. It is nothing to worry about and eco driving is a key area that we engage our students in and it runs through all of our lessons. But what is it? How do I eco drive? As an overview eco driving is simply a way of driving the vehicle, which reduces environmental damage to the planet at the same time as improving road safety. It is not necessarily about driving at slower speeds as some people think it is but it is about effective use of the accelerator and brakes and avoiding harsh braking and acceleration whenever possible. It is also about forward planning, looking well ahead and judging the road and traffic. All elements are covered on the driving lesson and on top of the benefits to safety and the environment. I personally think it is a smoother way to drive and more comfortable for driver and passenger.

In October 2010, a 10 minute independent driving section was introduced, details of which can be found here


It is essentially an element of the test were the instructor will ask you to drive independently of his or her instruction for a period of around 10 minutes. During your test you’ll have to drive independently by either following:

  • Traffic signs
  • A series of directions
  • A combination of both

One thing we are certain of is the test will gradually evolve over time and incorporate new or updated elements. We are confident we will keep ahead of these changes and keep our lessons relevant, up to date and as stress free as possible, though there is no accounting for other road users!! Whilst we are on the subject of tests and lessons we now offer driving lessons in the following areas

Driving lessons in Beverley
Driving Lessons in Hornsea

Driving Lessons in Driffield
Driving Lessons in Aldborough


Have a fantastic week and keep safe on those roads,



Driving Lessons In Beverley 660 270 Paul Davies

Driving Lessons In Beverley

Driving lessons in Beverley


As we have discussed in previous recent blogs we are now extending our reach with our Driving Tuition to the following areas:

  • Driving lessons in Beverley
  • Driving lessons in Driffield
  • Driving lessons in Aldbrough
  • Driving lessons in Hornsea

and of course the surrounding areas too!

So if you know anyone in those areas please pass on our details as we would be happy to help.

Often in the car as lessons progress and students discuss the reasons for learning to drive it is always interesting to hear their reasons and motivations.

The inspiration to learn to drive for me was motivated by the ambition I had to be able to jump in a car and go anywhere, through all the years as a driver and instructor the sense of personal achievement of passing has never left me. It is still remarkable to me that by passing my driving test I can now drive anywhere whenever I want.

We are passionate about teaching students how to drive and for me some of this comes from knowing that students will have this same freedom and feeling of achievement that I had and still have. At Arrow Driving Academy it is clear to us as instructors how much of a challenge it can be to learn to drive, all the hours you have to put in sometimes after a day looking after the family or at work or college, it is easy for us to say that once you get your full licence it is all worthwhile (because it is fantastic!) but this is a decision you have to make and a commitment.

Learning to drive is a smart choice to make and we are confident at Arrow Driving Academy that if you choose us to support you with that commitment you will not be disappointed.

We are inspired ourselves by each student we teach, each lesson we teach is also a lesson were we can learn ourselves which in turn makes us better instructors. The roads we drive on daily can be unpredictable and each experience we have on the roads serves to remind us that driving is a lifelong skill that we can hone and improve on. We discuss this with our students on lesson and do not take for granted how nervous students can be. If you are interested in learning to drive or would like to know more about Arrow Driving Academy please take time to check out our website and of course, feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.  Take care and have a fantastic weekend.

Paul Davies.

Happy New Year From Arrow Driving Academy 1024 673 Paul Davies

Happy New Year From Arrow Driving Academy

Happy New Year


Welcome to 2014! The recent unsettled stormy weather has put into sharp context the challenges as drivers that we face on the roads every season.  At Arrow Driving Academy we believe strongly that each student is best served being taught in all weathers day and night on the widest possible variety of roads. Our basic philosophy is to teach students how to drive safely and we avoid just focusing on passing the driving test. We do believe that the current driving test is a good test that does put safety on the roads as its priority but what it is is a benchmark to pass not thorough test of driving ability. During lessons with Arrow Driving Academy we make sure that students take driving lessons on a widest range of Hull and East Riding roads that we can.


With 2014 now underway we are more determined than ever to broaden our horizons and as mentioned briefly in our New Years blog we are very pleased to now offer Driving Lessons in Hornsea, driving lessons in Bridlington, and driving lessons in Scarborough and of course the smaller communities in this catchment area. All new students as always are offered the 5 lessons for £55 promotion that comes with a no quibble guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your first lesson you can walk away with no charge. We hope you don’t! We hope you will seriously enjoy the fantastic experience of learning to drive with Arrow Driving Academy


On a serious note weather wise what a festive period it has been! Having our base in Hull since prior to the 2007 floods in Hull we are well aware of the devastation flooding can bring, our thoughts are with those families affected. January always brings its challenges to new and even experienced drivers so please make sure you familiarise yourself with this advice from what the Highway Code has to say on winter driving.

Driving Lessons in Hornsea, 1024 683 Paul Davies

Driving Lessons in Hornsea,

2014 in review


2013 is coming to an end and 2014 is clearly in view it is a great time to reflect on a great year! After some Christmas over indulgence Arrow Driving Academy is continuing with lessons over the festive period the quieter roads are fantastic for building new students confidence (as long as we stay away from the Sales!)  And taking a longer-term look into the New Year we are pleased to announce that we now offer driving lessons in Hornsea,Filey,Scarborough,Driffield,Aldbrough, Flamborough, and Bridlington.


What better way to start 2014 than dedicating your time to learning to drive? It is a lifelong skill, which has long-term benefits for employment, leisure and travel. Whether you’re new to driving, a parent seeking a suitably qualified and experienced instructor or a current driver who feels more 1-1 teaching would benefit then why not give us a call?  Our Gift vouchers for driving lessons in Hull and the East Riding are available at any time and the 5 lessons for £55 promotion is here to stay into the New Year.


So what will 2014 bring us? We are hoping that our students reach their individual goals, that we reach and over achieve on our goals as a Driving Academy in Hull and the surrounding area and that the driving test centre returns to Hull!


We hope you have had a fantastic 2013, I would like to personally thank all the students that have taken the chance to learn with Arrow Driving Academy and wish them all the very best in their future driving careers. To any future students who are considering learning to drive then I can give you a guarantee that you would find a warm and friendly welcome at Arrow Driving Academy.


Take Care and have a fantastic 2014!



The little extras that help


Following on from our blog last week it has got us thinking about other elements of learning to drive and the techniques we use as we train you to drive. An element of training that is often underplayed or even overlooked until a number of lessons has passed is the Theory Test.  If you choose to train with Arrow Driving Academy (and we certainly hope you do!) you can expect on going Theory Test training from your initial lesson. As lessons progress we gradually introduce the underpinning theory and will give advice and guidance on best to prepare for the Theory Test. As you grow in confidence and knowledge we will guide you through the booking process and have the facilities to book your test whilst on lesson. If you join us on Facebook you will find daily questions and competitions with prizes to be won! Just studying a few of the questions per day overtime will seriously add to your road safety knowledge and confidence. We can advise on suitable insurance and how to go about finding a good deal. As your driving test approaches we have the experience to advise on how to best overcome those pre-test nerves.


We are happy to allow parents on lessons (if you are happy with allowing them!) to see your progress and give that bit of further encouragement.  We have found this to be good practice for our students to get used to others in the vehicle as this will be an important area to gain confidence in for your future driving career. Of course we will always give students the final decision on who is allowed in the car!

Safe Driving for Life 917 1024 Paul Davies

Safe Driving for Life

Taking the first step


In earlier blogs we have talked about continuing driver development and techniques and websites you can use such as Safe Driving for Life. One element of learning to drive we never want to overlook is how challenging it can be to take the first step in learning how to drive. We understand that for some customers this is an exciting endeavour which is cause for celebration but for others it can be an extremely daunting prospect to take on the challenge of learning to drive. At Arrow Driving Academy we can empathize with the challenges new and ongoing customers face with confidence and motivation. We understand this and you will find us to be patient, understanding and crucially we will teach at a pace that suits each individual.


Each of us remembers learning to drive for the first time and how nerve racking it can be learning the control, safe manoeuvring and of course, other traffic, road types and weather conditions. We would like you to feel as comfortable as possible and can guarantee that we will do our up most to make you feel safe, secure which is a vital element that will enable you keep learning.  As ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) we ourselves are constantly learning techniques, improving and of course we have our own tests and checks that we need to complete. Take a look at our testimonial pages to see what other customers have said and if you are unsure please feel free to contact us at Arrow Driving Academy for a no obligation chat. We are all friendly, down to earth and approachable and remember we have had to take that first step too. So if in doubt give us a call we would be delighted to take that first step with you.



Idea for Christmas

Wow, how did it happen? Another year has passed in a blur and we find ourselves only 3 weeks away from Christmas. We take a well-earned break over the Christmas period and hope you guys can too.  Christmas is a fantastic time to take stock of the year and what we have achieved as individuals and as a company.  Teaching individuals to drive is a wonderful and rewarding career and this year has been brilliant with a record number of student passes and first time pass rates.


If you are looking for gift ideas or simply know someone who would benefit from learning to drive why not give them one of our Driving Lesson gift vouchers which will entitle them to driving lessons from Arrow Driving Academy. It could be a son or daughter, friend, niece or nephew, all are welcome and all can expect the same high standard of teaching, patience and encouragement offered to any of our students at Arrow Driving Academy. The Driving school gift vouchers are valid for 6 months and all it takes is for the student to contact us and we will arrange for a suitable time and date to take their first driving lesson as soon as possible. If you are interested please contact us via phone, Facebook or contact page on our website and we will be happy to provide the   gift vouchers or answer any queries or questions you may have.

We think these are a great idea to get students off to a flying start. Vouchers can be purchased for whatever suits your pocket. Prices can be found on our prices page on the website.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank current, past and future customers and friends of Arrow Driving Academy and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Have a fantastic holiday period and take care. All the very best for 2014.

Safe Driving For Life 917 1024 Paul Davies

Safe Driving For Life

Arrow Driving Academy and Safe Driving for Life


A large part of our philosophy at Arrow Driving Academy is based on Safe Driving for life. The instruction you will receive at Arrow Driving Academy will be individually tailored to you and aimed at making sure you can not only pass your driving test confidently but also have the knowledge of how to improve your driving skills going forward. Remember, the driving test in a lot of ways is a first step and we want you to take it confidently. Safe Driving for life was developed in partnership with the DSA and is aimed at providing not only learner drivers but also experienced drivers with further information and guidance. The site is full of information from how to find the right insurance to how to prepare for a long trip.


Safe Driving.

We believe that any time spent furthering your driving skills is never time wasted.


We want you not only to pass your tests but to also feel confident on the roads. We believe a key element of this is in the instruction you are given combined with your own approach to learning. Once you have passed your driving test you will find that your learning will naturally continue and nurturing an attitude to continually improve your skills will be a big benefit. So what are you waiting for?


DSA – Safe Driving for Life

The Safe Driving for Life website is a one-stop information resource for learners, experienced drivers and riders, instructors and professional drivers and riders. Produced in partnership with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), this site is designed to help road users learn and improve their driving.

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Arrow Driving Academy – First for Driving Lessons across Hull, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.

We Have Some Great Deals Available For New And In-Experienced Drivers.

We love teaching people to drive! Regardless of ability, our team will help you succeed! Perhaps you have zero experience at all – then don’t worry, we can help give you the confidence to start! To help you on your way we have a special great value package that will help you set the wheels in motion.

If you are an experienced driver perhaps trained elsewhere but just cannot seem to pass? Well come with Arrow and we’ll help evaluate how ready you are and tailor a bespoke course to get you through it.


Great value packages from your LOCAL, TRUSTED instructors

No matter whether you are a totally new driver, or a partly experienced driver who has had lessons elsewhere and wish to change instructor – We can help!

Complete Beginner

For people that have had no Driving Tuition at all. A Complete Newbie.

Partly Trained

Had lessons elsewhere and unhappy with progress? Or perhaps new to the area?

Refresher Courses

For people lacking confidence on the road and perhaps would like a little more guidance.

Driving you in the RIGHT DIRECTION

We totally understand how daunting it can be for people who decide they want to learn to drive either for the first time, or with a new instructor if unhappy elsewhere so we have tailored a few packages that will help you start your new journey, and give you the opportunity to get to know us.


for Manual Car Driving Lessons

5 Hours for £75
Amazing value package, FREE Highway Code, FREE Hazard Training, FREE Online Training


  • An amazing first step into driving. The perfect package for someone with no driving experience at all.
Part Experienced Drivers

Per Hour

  • It is important to know for sure that you have the right driving instructor. So this is a great way to try us out first - before committing to more lessons
Refresher Lessons
For experienced drivers, needing extra help

Per Hour

  • Taken lessons elsewhere but not had any success? Whatever the reason
  • our refresher lessons will help you succeed!


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