The joys and challenges  of being a Driving Instructor

After talking to friends and family over the years it seems to me that, at one time or another, most people feel the urge for a change in career or direction. I count myself as one of those people. Working full time for a company and taking my career as far as I could I had the urge to change and to become, essentially my own boss.  The idea of working my own hours and knowing all the energy and focus I put in to my current job could just as easily be applied to my own business really put wind in my sails. Looking back it seems that becoming an ADI was a natural step, but it was far from that! I knew I wanted a new career, to be my own boss but I was not sure what to do or even how to go about it.

When I first found out about ADI training and that it could fit around the work I don’t need to tell you how relieved I was. It seemed like a perfect fit, to be able to stay in my job whilst training for a new career. In truth, it was like that, though it was challenging it felt right. I would finish work and study for the theory test and once I had passed that it was time to be in the car with my trainer. It was challenging and rewarding but tiring at the same time! A full time job and training commitments sounds challenging and it is. Learning something new is a fantastic experience for me but I also needed time to reflect on what I had learned and how best to implement it. Though I could take the training at my own pace, my commitment to becoming an ADI was getting stronger and I had to tell myself to slow down and take the time to relax and reflect.  The training was fantastic though and it really brought home how varied the days are as an ADI and how many different skills sets I would have to master to become one.

In retrospect it is easy to see that it was a fantastic step for me to take and I am more passionate about being an ADI now than ever. I am not bored or restless at work like I once was and the part about me being my own boss is true, however, one area that I did not give much thought to was essentially you are working around students and that schedules change, lessons can be rearranged or cancelled or if you are ill you may be some days before you can be back in the car. Now I can take this in my stride, but for any budding ADI, at first this can be a stark realisation and can bring some worry with it!

For me though, I love teaching students how to drive I am still motivated by the job and taking a longer-term view I can’t see this changing.  We are on the lookout for ADI’s in Hull so why not contact us for an informal chat on what we can bring. Have a fantastic week and stay safe on those roads.