New measures to develop safety on British roads;

The UK Department for Transport have recently made plans to improve road safety. This involves helping learner drivers improve their skills and also punish those who drive dangerously. Extensive research has been developed in order to increase driver education levels and also measures have been taken against drink and drug driving.

At the end of 2015, the DfT unveiled a set of measures that are going to be implemented to improve road safety in Britain. These measures are developed in order to ensure that both learner and existing drivers have the capability to drive safely and comfortably. This means that there is also emphasis on improving learner drivers’ knowledge and skill before taking their test, this includes allowing them to drive on the motorway with an approved driving instructor.

All of the proposals involved are aimed to tackle dangerous driving of many kinds, and therefore reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on British roads.

What are the main proposals?

Within these new measures for the improvement of road safety, there are a number of main features that illustrate how the UK government aim to tackle various kinds of problematic driving behavior, this includes;

  • Motorway experience for learner drivers
  • Improved police enforcement on roads
  • Higher numbers of officers prepared with drug recognition and impairment testing skills and equipment
  • £50 million grant into Bike ability cycle training in schools across the UK
  • Improvement to cycle safety measures on the roads
  • For learner motorcyclists, the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) will be strengthened
  • Overall improvement in driver education, training and behavior interventions for existing drivers
  • Drivers caught using mobile phones will not face 4 penalty points and a £150 fixed penalty notice, rather than the original 3 points and £100 fine

Why is this important?

Driving safety and the overall improvement of safety for all British road users, is extremely important as it allows the UK government to aid the reduction of road accidents per year. Not only will the scheme develop the skills of learner drivers, but it will also improve driving knowledge for existing drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists. Making the roads safer for everybody is a positive move, and with harsher restrictions on dangerous driving behaviour such as drug driving and using a mobile phone, there are more and more incentives to follow the rules that are set.

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Safe driving!

The Arrow Team