Changes to Driving Test Manoeuvres

New UK driving test;

This year the DVSA have announced that they are beginning tests for a whole new driving test routine. According to news headlines across the UK, this is the biggest driving test shakeup in 20 years.

From April 2015 the DVSA will be trialling their new proposed UK driving test and the tests are expected to last until the end of 2015. If this goes well and the new test is approved, we expect that the new UK driving test will be implemented mid-2016. If you are currently taking driving lessons, the chances of you having to sit the new test are very slim. However, if the new test is implemented before you take the test, your instructor will have you ready in time. There is no need to panic!

Reasons for the new UK driving test;

It has been mentioned by the DVSA that the reasons for the new test were primarily to promote a more independent approach to driving. This includes bringing a more true to life element to the test, in preparation for those who pass. Bringing real life situations into the test is said to be more helpful for new drivers in terms of preparing them for driving independently in the ‘real world’.

Elimination of the three-point turn;

A number of changes will be made if the new driving test is permitted. This includes the disappearance of the three-point turn. Also known as the ‘turn in the road’ manoeuvre.

Two new manoeuvres;

However, with the loss of the three-point turn comes two new manoeuvres, it has been said. This is probably the biggest change to the test. It introduces driving forwards into a car parking space and stopping, then reversing out to the left or right before exiting the car park. It also introduces pulling up on the right side of the road, reversing back two car lengths, followed by driving on when you are ready.

These manoeuvres have been introduced, once again, to reflect a more realistic element to the test. It has been argued that these manoeuvres are much more likely to be used by people not long after passing their test. Bay parking and parallel parking manoeuvres are still to remain as part of the test. Moreover, it is believed that candidates will only have to complete one of these manoeuvres within the duration of their driving test.

Sat-Nav independent driving;

The most innovative change to the UK driving test, however, is the introduction of Sat-Nav independent driving. A Sat-Nav will be supplied and fit by the test instructor at the beginning of your test. Following this, at some point during your test you will be asked to utilise the Sat-Nav in order to follow directions to a specific location. This is expected to last around 20 minutes. Also, this will be replacing the existing element of the test that involves 10 minutes following road signs and diagrams to a given location.

‘Show me, tell me’ questions;

The final major change to the UK driving test is that one of the safety questions, that is usually asked before any driving begins, will now be asked during the test. This means that one question will be asked at random whilst you are driving the test vehicle.