Driving lesson deals in Hull and East Yorkshire

Arrow Driving Academy is a driving school based in Hull and East Yorkshire. We offer driving lessons, free online theory training and the 5 lessons for £55 deal. So that is the full lessons 1hr each of driver training for only £55. Which is fantastic value and available for any new or experienced driver. You could be a partially trained driver looking to start lessons again or changing driving schools and you are still entitled to the 5 lessons for £55 deal. We do not discriminate on how much you have trained in the past, even if you are just about ready for test you can still take us up on the deal! No problem.

Any other deals?

Our aim is to get you driving safely for life and for us to achieve this together the first step is you have to be comfortable with your driving instructor. That’s why we introduced the very first lesson for free which is included in the first 5 for £55. This is so you can make up your mind that Arrow Driving Academy is the right choice for you. We are confident you will really enjoy and benefit from the lesson so for us it is a way to make our customers feel confident and not pressured. More information on our deals can be found on our webpage.

Driving Lessons in…..
We also offer our driving lessons in Beverley,
Driving lessons in Driffield
Driving lessons in Hornsea
Driving lessons in Skirlaugh
Driving lessons in Hedon
Driving lessons in Hull

Of course we also offer driving lessons in other locations near to the ones above so if in any doubt get in touch and we will have a look for you. We will always go out of our way to fit you in.

We take every care to fit our students in so if your location is not mentioned, do not worry give us a call or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or online form and we will be back in touch ASAP.

Taking a look at what the DVLA are up to and interestingly they are aiming to phase out the paper counterpart licence by 2015. This will be beneficial for many reasons including saving money, reducing overheads including administration fees but the big benefit is not having to keep another form safe. We know it is a small thing but we have lost count of the amount of misplaced counterparts that our students have had to replace. So for us it is a good thing it is going! But on a serious note it will save money and all of the relevant information the counterpart holds will be with the DVLA anyway so we should lose no functionality whatsoever. This can only be a good thing going forward. More information on this and other DVLA news can be found right here

Well that’s it for this week stay safe on the roads and we hope to hear from you.