Did you know? People of Hull now have to take their driving test in Beverley or Bridlington?

As from the 23rd of September 2013 there was to be no more driving tests going out from Hull test centre on Reservoir Road. This is due to the explosions that occur frequently at the car recycling plant at the back of the test centre which causes a loud bang shaking the driving test centre building.

It is a concern that when students are on their driving test, the loud noise could frighten them when for example doing a reversing manoeuvre in the driving test centre. Another worry locals and the authorities have is with the fumes that come over after the explosion. Hopefully this problem will be remedied quickly and the local people of Hull taking their driving test can do so in Hull rather than having to travel to the Beverley Driving Test centre in the meantime.

So all car driving tests are now going out from Beverley or Bridlington until further notice. This mean students are getting worried about taking their driving test in a different town to where they have learned to drive. You may think that it shouldn’t matter where a driver takes their test – but actually we think that this can add even more pressure to something that may already be a challenge for some.

How can we help you?

Here at Arrow Driving Academy, Hull we try and take our pupils up to Beverley at the quiet times i.e. Sundays or late evenings so that we don’t interfere with tests that are already going out in the area. This is to get the pupil some knowledge of the area before they will be taking their driving test and not to teach test routes.

Test are very stressful as it is, and to put someone in an area which they are not familiar with can be very daunting for them. This can make students drive a little under the speed limit which could cause them to fail their driving test.

The roads in Beverly are not that different to any other towns. There are some rural roads with different speed limits and  some one way streets too which as I said are not that different to roads that the student will have to drive on when they have successfully passed their driving test. We always teach our students how to read the roads and do not teach driving test routes – after all, drivers are certainly going to be planning on driving some much more interesting and varied routes so we try to prepare them for that.

Arrow Driving Academy would like to wish everyone who is taking there driving test in Beverley good luck and we wish them every success.

Interested in taking driving lessons in Hull, Beverley or Driffield? Then why not get in touch – we would love to be the people that help you pass your driving test first time!