Title: Driving Lessons in Scarborough

Did you know that we now conduct driving lessons in Scarborough and the surrounding areas? Our dedicated instructors are now offering lessons at our standard price to fit your schedule and bring you quality driving lessons to your local area.

We are proud to extend our services across East Yorkshire and beyond and we look forward to meeting all of the new faces. Helping people learn to drive is our passion, and being able to reach more people makes this a truly exciting and fantastic time for us. We hope you that if you live in Scarborough and are interested in learning to drive, that you will consider Arrow Driving Academy and get in touch today.

What makes Scarborough special?

We love Scarborough because it reminds us of fun family days out and summer beach days with an ice cream and arcades. However, there’s a lot more to do in Scarborough than just the beach and we thought it would be fun to explore what makes Scarborough a great place to live and visit.

1. Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park opened in 1912, presenting a beautiful, oriental themed park that quickly became a favourite local venue for exhibitions and displays. In 1924, the park was extended to include Peasholm Glen, a natural ravine which allowed for the presence of boating events and attractions.

The park is a fantastic place for a family day out or even your daily dog walk, it has everything from peaceful nature to vibrant shows and events. It’s a great place to go when you want to get outside and explore, and the beautiful lake makes for the perfect picnic setting.

2. Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle used to be a medieval Royal fortress, and is now a beautiful ruin that attracts hundreds of visitors to climb to the top, enjoy the views and get involved in the interactive exhibitions held from time to time. The castle makes for a great day of discovery for both kids and adults alike.

3. Alpamare Waterpark

Alpamare is a waterpark unlike any other in Britain. It’s a waterpark that allows you to discover, adventure and have the most fun you have ever had. With a gigantic wave pool, an outdoor garden pool, splash areas and four exhilarating water rides, you are in for a treat! The Alpine-style wellness center and spa is also opening soon and is the perfect place to relax and pamper all year-round.

4. North Bay Railway

North Bay Railway is a miniature railway that opened in 1931. It is a significant and beautiful attraction in Scarborough that marks the importance of British history and locomotive advances. It’s the perfect family day out.

5. Scarborough Art Gallery

Scarborough Art Gallery is located in a beautiful villa in Scarborough’s Crescent and is open to the public. The permanent collection includes paintings by Tom Laughton, Matthew Smith and John Atkinson. It’s the perfect option for both art lovers and those who want to discover something new, with the beautiful collection being one to remember.

Have you visited all of these attractions in Scarborough? Or perhaps there’s one that you continue to visit over the years? We would love to know! If you’re a resident in Scarborough and you are looking for driving lessons or know someone who would like to learn to drive, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be delighted to see how we can fit your schedule and get you on your way to passing that test!