Paying a DVLA fine online


In 2016, the DVLA launched their Pay a DVLA fine service on their website to allow customers to pay vehicle-related fines online in a much easier, and quicker way. Earlier this year, the DVLA announced that this service would be expanded and improved to build upon its success thus far.


These changes have enhanced the service, so far as they now allow customers to pay a broader range of vehicle-related fines using the service. They can also sort out their vehicle tax using this service, which has proved so popular that now over 70% of DVLA customers use this online feature.


Why is this useful to know?


When the DVLA issues a fine to a motorist, it is most likely due to the customer using an untaxed or uninsured vehicle on UK public roads. Before 2016, the motorist was only able to pay this via a paper process, which was described as unnecessarily complicated, not to mention the detrimental effects increased use of paper has on the environment. Due to this, the online service was proposed as a way to make motorists’ lives easier, and to pay a fine you receive without hassle.


Recent changes


The new, updated version of this service now means that the DVLA have increased the range of fines that can be paid online. They have also improve how you pay your vehicle tax, as it is no longer separate and can be sorted using the same, easy-to-use system.


This means that if you find yourself needing to pay a fine for using an untaxed vehicle, there is a smooth process in place so that once you have used the online system to pay your fine, you are then automatically directed to a vehicle tax page, where you can ensure your vehicle tax is also paid and up-to-date without the need for registration documents and so-forth.



We think the new digital services from the DVLA are extremely useful and a great step in the right direction for UK motorists. If you’d like to know more about what they are up to, you can check out the DVLA’s digital blog here.