Automatic Car Driving Lessons

Automatic Car - Driving Lessons

Want to learn to drive in a car with an Automatic gearbox? Then look no further! We offer automatic car driving tuition throughout the region.

Automatic Driving Lessons

No clutch and no gears to think about…

This is one of the main reasons people love the idea of driving an automatic car. It also helps learners pick things up faster as there’s one less thing to think about.


Tried to learn in a car with a manual gearbox and struggled?

Then perhaps learning to drive with one of our specialist automatic instructors is for you! Going down this road is a great idea and it simplifies the learning process vastly.

Imagine letting the car make the decisions of when to change gear

Well that is exactly why so many people love to drive an automatic car. Not only does it remove the chance of stalling at the lights, or juddering the car when the wrong gear is chosen – it just makes driving a much easier task in the first place.

Why learn in an Automatic Car?

There are many reasons people go for an Automatic Car driving course. It could be that you have tried to learn in a manual car and panic when at junctions or traffic lights when setting off. When you see learners stalling, this is often due to them getting used to a manual gearbox.

Is an automatic car a better choice for you?

As well as removing many of the things we need to think about in a manual car, many people comment that an automatic helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed when driving as they are not having to do as much. It can also be a good choice for people struggling in a manual car.

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